About Me

I met my Husband when I was a mere 18 years old. I thought I was 30 at the time, no one bothered to point out to me that was in fact not the case. We moved in together after only six months of dating. I really don't know how my mother made it through. She never said a word. Did I mention that Nate was 23? The age difference isn't such a big deal now, but then, my god he may as well have been 65. We were engaged 1 year after we began dating, and married 2-1/2 years after that. I was 21.

Liam entered our lives nearly two years later in April 2006. He is a firecracker, and that would be putting it mildly. He was a, let's say, opinionated baby. He really gave us a run for our money. He still does. Although mixed in with all that firecrackerishness is a really sweet kid who only wants to do right by everyone he meets. And OH MY GOD is he smart. He also has blond hair and blue eyes and happens to be left handed. There are all things Nate and I are not, so it continues to baffle me to this day.

Our good fortune only improved when sweet Quinlan entered our lives in August 2008. If Liam gave us a run for our money, Quinlan gave it all back. He is the easiest, most laid back kid I have ever known. I call him my snuggle bug. I could just snuggle my nose in his sweet neck all day. You've never seen a smile quite like the one Quin will throw at you. It's intoxicating.

Mixed in with all of this, I am a full-time working mommy. I am constantly trying to juggle too many things at once. Not just schedules, but guilt, satisfaction, happiness, sadness, glory, achievement, guilt, pride and guilt. Who knew being a working mother could be so emotional? I work in Advertising, and I enjoy what I do. Over the years I've been laid off a couple times, and nearly laid off a third time...saved that one by the skin of my teeth. I am fulfilled by my kids and by my work. I can't imagine not having both.

As if I didn't have enough on my plate, I recently made the decision to go back to school. In addition to working full time and raising my kids, and maybe even finding a little time for my Husband, I am also a graduate student pursuing my MBA. You know, because I have all this spare time and I wasn't quite sure what to do with it.

Are you exhausted yet? I know I am.

You should also know, I love parentheses. LOVE them and will use them much too often. Also, since my children got old enough to start understanding and repeating language, I've had to curb my potty-mouth. To make up for this resrtiction, I'll sometimes let loose here. Sorry (except not really).