Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Hate Dell

I’m furious. Fuming with anger.

Because my new computer from DELL has been delayed five times now. Let me repeat that, FIVE TIMES!

At this point, we have no realistic idea when it might actually arrive. Customer service tells us, over and over, that it should ship “within a couple of days.” But, clearly, they’re lying. We ask what is holding up the order, and customer service doesn’t have that information. Okay, so we ask to be transferred to someone who does. Response, “there’s no such department.”

What? Then which department is it exactly that updates the ship date, out of curiosity? Because it happens like clock work: the ship date arrives, I check the status, and it’s been delayed again.

So, some component or another is holding up our computer, but no one at Dell knows what that is. Some where in oblivion someone is diabolically delaying our order, it’s the only explanation I can come up with. Realistically, I don’t expect to see my computer until August. And also, they can’t even cancel our order for us.

So, I’m taking the only recourse I can. I’m blogging about it. I will never do business with this company again, and if I can convince just one other person to join me in my Dell boycott, my work here has been accomplished.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.


mom24boys said...

How disappointing! You were so excited, too! My dad had his fill of Dell too. 1 word: apple. Sorry, friend!

Amy said...

This happened to us too. On our 6th delay notice I pitched a huge fit and they over nighted me a computer on March 20th. By By April 1st we realized the webcam was defective, the hard drive was trashed and the network only worked half way. Not to mention the software incompatibility issues that they wanted us to pay $230 for them to fix what they screwed up. Neecdless to say Dell go their computer back and I just abought a different brand with the refund. I now hate Dell!

John said...

This is happening to me at the moment

With 2 days to go before expected delivery they have put it back another 8 days.
Excuse "To many customers wanting this system"

loosecannon said...

I share your hatred. I don't want to just share a link on this comment page but I have a great related story. I just had a one week battle with the bastards. You must read this... it's called "Purchased a Dell? Welcome to Hell."

Anonymous said...

my dell story--they sent me a new laptop, they were quick about it and all, actually i got it before the ship date.
BUT it crashed the 1st day and also the second day---true their tech support got it up and running,but when i said i wanted a new one, the techie said "why".
I sorta tried to be nice when i said " Look u fucking nut i paid over $800 for this and i really dont want one that crashes the 1st 2 days its alive'
Customer service said id have in 5-7 days.

ITS BEEN 30 DAYS!!!!! if i cancel the order i dont get my money back till they get the computer.
So ok i used my debit card to purchase it, so when i get the new one im gonna "lose" my debit card and lets see them get their money.
i might not have a debit card for 7-10 days but oh well ill sell this laptop and make $800


Anonymous said...

Why do we do this to ourselves. This company is here to make as much money as they can and to heck with us suckers who buy their cheap junk. And whatever happened to customer service? No one is there to help! They can not think out side of their scripts. It is legal torture. We have to completely boycott them or we let them think this is expectable. I will continue to tell everyone I come in contact with to boycott this sadistic ripoff company! Please continue to do the same.