Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mouths of Babes

Me: Liam, look at the fog!

Liam: I can't see! Too many clouds in the way!


I've been MIA. I apologize. Many things rapidly changing. I'll update when the dust settles.


mom24boys said...

LOVE these! When Gabe was 3 or so, and we would leave the house on foggy mornings, he would say, "Man, it's soggy outside!" It was too cute(and accurate) to correct, so he must've been 6 before he realized it was FOG instead of SOG!

mom24boys said...

1st blowout: I KNOW!!!! Jim and I were just saying...I thought Pampers were just awesome and had come a long way. Yesterday I thought I had just become a diapering GENIUS! Now I am thinking I just have been lucky!