Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Targé Boutique

I love Target. Like, really, I have a love affair with Target.

I'm pretty sure there isn't a single thing I can't get at Target. Cool, trendy, hip person kind of nice things at that. Well, okay I can't really get the sectional I want for the new house, but that's just details!

I'm not ashamed to admit that we ate our dinner, as a family, at Target last night.

And then, I sauntered over and got myself a primo tetanus shot. No, not because eating at Target is risky, because it's been more than 10 years since my last shot and those crazies over at the University are insisting I get it updated. But thanks for asking.

While I was doing that, my fabuloso husband was grabbing some groceries.

And we topped the night off by allowing the kids to look at toys while I found myself an adorable new tote and some school supplies for my inaugural day of graduate school.

I love Target. Where else could I achieve so much in one place? It makes me feel like superwoman or something. I am SuperTargetWoman, hear me ROARR.

*This post was in no way endorsed by Target.


Tricia said...

Too funny! There is another blogger who does occaisional posts that start "I am a Targetaholic." Patrice, over at Williams Family Blog.

won said...

This is funny:

...I sauntered over and got myself a primo tetanus shot. No, not because eating at Target is risky..."

I'm not a laugh out loud kind of gal, but this made me do so.

Thank you for sharing a bit of the essence of you with me earlier. It is appreciated, and I acknowledge you for doing so.

Hope your day is a decent one!

Anonymous said...

I love Target! I make at least 3 trips a year over the border for Target specifically for American available only food contraband. So worth standing in a 6 hour line for a passport...