Friday, December 19, 2008

Memory Lane

I decided to pull out my "memory" box today, which contains mostly memories from high school, and a few from early childhood. Here's what I found.

  • Copious amounts of cheerleading mementos; including the "Mouse Award" given to me during cheer camp for "always being quiet and attentive." In other words, for being way too quiet for a cheerleader!
  • Kick ass jewelry. Why was that shoved in a box?
  • Many, many incriminating pictures of my friends. Rest assured, as soon as I can get my hands on a scanner they will end up here.
  • Prom pictures galore.
  • My childhood doll, whose head, for some reason, is sticky.
  • My blankie.
  • An unopened package of thank you cards from graduation. So, for all those who obviously never got a thank you card from me: thank you!
  • And the following story. I remember this story well because I wrote it when I was 12 and it was the first time I got praise for my writing. I'd always known I enjoyed writing (I decided, at 5, that I was going to be the youngest person ever to write a novel. I think I managed to get 3 paragraphs in.) But, this was the first time anyone took notice. The assignment was to write a mythological story.


Long ago, in the county of Pazacorf, there lived a mad scientist named Papa Cornerisac. He was a funny little man with very short limbs, a bald head, and glasses that constantly slipped down his short, cropped nose. He was very poor, for all of his incredulous experiments were always short-lived and did nothing but make a mess in his already congested home.

Papa cornerisac did have one friend though. It was a young boy named Josh, who was an oversized boy for his age, with black wavy hair that seemingly had never seen a comb, and clothes that were way too tight, for he grew so quickly and was too poor to go out and buy new clothes. Josh was over to Papa Cornerisac's house every day, and he too loved to experiment. He also liked to go and "search" for nothing in paticular. Actually, all he really did was point his head to the ground and run into things.

One day while out on a walk, Papa Cornerisac felt a slight twinge on the bottom of his bare food (he was too poor to buy what he called "useless flaps of rubber that make your feet stink!). Papa Cornerisac stopped for a minute, lifted up his foot, and found a kernel of something. It was small, yellow, and hard. After thinking for quite some time, Papa decided to name it Corn, after himself.

Later on he finally decided to put the corn into the ground which had very fertile soil. So Papa Cornerisac put the kernel into the ground, gave it some water and went about his horrendous experiments, forgetting completely about the corn, that is until a few months later when he discovered a very large stalk, nearly five feet tall, growing out of the ground! It was green all the way up, and at the top was a sphere of corn! Papa Cornerisac has shocked! He could hardly believe it!

Papa went on to perform many experiments on his corn. None of them amounted to much though, except for his last one.

Papa Cornerisac decided to cut lots of corn off the great sphere, put them in some oil, and heat them up to see what would happen. After the corn heated up a bit (by then Papa Cornerisac had forgotten all about it sitting there, he had a poor memory) it began to pop, one by one until the whole house was bursting with pops!

Now Papa Cornerisac was extremely afraid of war, and he constantly thought someone was coming after him! So when the corn began to pop, Papa Cornerisac went nuts-he thought someone was shooting at him! He went crazy, and ran! Never to be seen in Pazacorf again.

Later on that day, Josh decided to go see his friend Papa Cornerisac. Well, not surprisingly, he didn't find Papa, but he did find small, puffy white pieces of food! He ate a bit and loved it! Next to the batch of popped corn lay the experiment recipe, and one unpopped kernel of corn. From the kernel Josh grew many stalks of corn, and popped them. And then, after Papa Cornerisac, he named them Popcorn!

Over the years Popcorn became very famous. Finally Papa Cornerisac had made a worth while experiment!

The End.