Monday, February 9, 2009

Boring and Loving It

You could say, I've been a little absent in the blogosphere recently. It's not that I don't love you anymore, I do. But, for lack of any better excuse, I just don't have much to say.

For me, this is the most glorious place I could ever imagine to be. This place without words. Because that means that my life is boring. And lest you think that boring is a bad thing, let me give you a little timeline of the last, oh, nearly five years.


  • June: Married my best friend.
  • July: Moved.
  • December: Finished my Bachelor's degree.


  • March: Began my first post-collegiate job.
  • July: Discovered the impending arrival of my first born child, Liam. Not more than 3 weeks after the glorious benefits kicked in from starting that first post-collegiate job. Now that's efficiency.
  • November: Bought a house. Moved.


  • April: Welcomed Liam's arrival.
  • July: Left that first post-collegiate job for a better opportunity.
  • November: Became the first victim of the housing collapse and lost my "better opportunity."


  • January: Found a new job...that's post-collegiate job #3 for those playing along.
  • February: Got a new dog, a companion for first born dog Maggie. (We thought she was lonely.)
  • March: Made the decision, with my husband, to move closer to his family in Minnesota.
  • May: Found post-collegiate job #4 in Minneapolis, and moved. Leaving the house (re: 2005) on the market.
  • March-November: Tried unsuccessfully to sell the Colorado house.
  • November: Became a landlord.
  • December: Finally moved into more permanent residence in Minnesota.
  • December: Discovered the impending arrival of my second born child, Quinlan.


  • March: Once again, laid off. This time from post-collegiate job #4.
  • June: Found post-collegiate (and current!) job #5. Despite being 30 weeks pregnant. Damn, I must be good at interviewing!
  • August: Welcomed Quinlan's arrival.

And there, ladies and germs, is where the hullabaloo ends. The last bit of crazy, turn-your-world-upside-down kind of excitement, was Quinlan's birth. Which was nearly six months ago. If you were paying attention, you would notice that we have a new record.

And for once, I feel so content. I've never been so pleased to lead a boring life. One where nothing changes. There is stability and comfort there.

So, I'm sorry to be so disappointing to my loyal blog readers lately. I search and search for interesting things to say. But interesting just doesn't come to me these days. Save for the things my two-year-old does on a daily basis, but that will only get me so far.

Rest assured, the first bit of interesting that comes my way will land here. In the mean time, I'll keep searching and searching.