Monday, February 23, 2009

I Spy

I'm a stalker, by trade. As evidenced here.

So, naturally, I have a tendency to check my stats every so often. See how many people really care what I have to say. What part of the country they're coming from. You know the drill.

This morning, I was a little surprised to notice a disproportionate amount of hits coming from a group. And, when I click on the link I see that it is a group specifically for mommy's of twins born in October 2007 (clearly, I don't belong to this group, haha!). It's a closed group, so I have no idea what led these obviously wonderful ladies to by blog.

BUT, I did want to say "HI!" to this very specific community. And ask, you're not spilling obscenities about me, are you?

Happy Monday!


mom24boys said...

They might have found you by my site--my friend Caryn and her friend Jen, who redesigned my blog, both had twins due Oct. 2007. I link to your blog. And with that fab title of yours, you look intriguing...And you are a silly...your blog always looks great.

Amanda said...

Ah! Fantastic! Well in that case, anyone want to design a super cute layout for me, too? Haha! :)

allison said...

I personally think your blog looks fantastic...I'm a little jealous! I need to find the time to make mine over!...but I probably need to find the time to blog before I start focusing on makeovers :)